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We provide superintendent vacation relief, house keeping cleaners, live-in superintendents.

Superintendent vacation relief:
  • If you have a large building or complex of buildings: It can be a challenge to ensure all areas of a large space are well-maintained at all times. A day Superintendent can be assigned to a specific floor, building, or entire complex depending on your needs. They will keep their designated section clean and orderly, so you don’t have to worry about the state of the various areas under your care while you’re busy with other tasks.



  • The first impression your building makes on visitors is paramount: Whether your building is big or small, or bustling or calm, you will want to consider a dedicated superintendent. You absolutely need to make a dazzling first impression to your visitors. You can’t afford to overlook the dead leaves in the entranceway or the smudges on the window if your building’s appearance plays an essential role in how visitors view you and your business or residential building.



  • ​We always provide a supervisor to walk the building together with the relief superintendent and write the proper report and concerns to the management before starting the relief work.

Housekeeping cleaners
Our Cleaners are the most vital asset. Our staff is trained and experienced. They are pleasant to work with and take great pride in what they do.


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