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 Corporate Offices


Meeting and Exceeding Rigorous Corporate Workplace Standards


Whether at multiple national locations or a single plant or factory, working with industry imposes a stringent protocol on the work of cleaning and maintenance; one which Best Care is proud to meet and exceed.

We work with site managers, floor and production managers and Occupational Health and Safety teams in some of the most challenging and environmentally inhospitable locations in Canada.


Health, Safety and Procurement Conformance Verification


We know that the number one priority when working with heavy industry is health and safety conformance.  Because everyone has to go home safe every day, our safety programs have met the rigorous health, safety and procurement standards necessary to operate with excellence. Our policies, procedures and practices have been reviewed and approved by outside parties to ensure that we operate with both excellence and safety.

Our safety program is an integral part of what we do and how we do it.

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