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commercial property cleaning ontario

Commercial properties

condominium building cleaning ontario

Residential properties 

office cleaning ontario

corporate offices

About Us


We work with major companies: Brookfield, Del Property Management, First Service residential, ICC, Oxford, Cadillac Farview, Dundee, Creit. give us a call for more info.

we green clean

green cleaning company ontario

to serve our customers by providing a consistent and superior level of cleaning services in an economical, safe, and environmentally responsible manner.


office cleaners ontario

Day cleaning Program

Day Cleaning is an innovative cleaning approach which transitions an evening cleaning program to the daytime. Rather than being “out of sight, out of mind”, occupants see the cleaning staff at work. This increased visibility improves tenant satisfaction regarding cleaning as the cleaning staff become part of the building service delivery team rather than unknown individuals being in the office space after the tenants have left.

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